Click Google Feeling Lucky redirect link?

Has anyone/could anyone figure out a macro to automatically click those annoying Google Feeling Lucky redirect interstitial pages? (e.g.

This surely must be possible with KM's new XPath features, but it's beyond me.

I've got a macro that says

IF Safari Activates
Pause for 1 second
IF the front window of Front Application TITLE IS "Redirect Notice"

then I just need it to click the first link on the page. Ideas?

Put this script in a Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action


I have to say that there is some risk -- it is rare that you want the FIRST link on a page.

Thanks, that works!

I'll share my macro tomorrow, apparently the forum thinks it's my first day so I'm limited to the one post.

Finally got around to posting the macro, which has been working reliably: