Click on a button consistently


I'm trying to click a "Click offer" button. I have "Click at Found Image" working but it's not consistent.

I've tried finding the xpath via chrome and using that but it changes from page to page.

Here are two example urls:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The reason why your xpath didn't work for you I suspect is because the xpath is too specific, so you need to make something more general like the following that is common for the two links you share.

//button[contains(text(), 'Make offer')]


How did you learn xpath? It seems like Greek to me, and I'm a developer! Do you have any good online resources?

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Actually I'm a curious person that like learning new things and immediately applying what I learn, and soon enough forget whether they look weird (or greek) and then start liking them somehow because they help to get thing done ( same goes for Applescript :} ). In fact, I get use to weird syntax, I even learn cryptic programming language like LISP ( Clojure ). I just see beauty in them somehow.

You can try this resource

Xpath cheatsheet

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Thanks! And if you find yourself liking AppleScript, as opposed to JXA (JavaScript), then you truly are weird. :rofl:


Great, thanks!