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I would like to have a macro which parses the body text (a lot of times with HTML) of an email and looks for any embedded links under a specific word (i.e. unsubscribe) and clicks on that link. I can easily copy the entire body of an email into a clipboard but I don't know how to do the "click on the HTML link under the word unsubscribe" part. Here is an example email body:

I want to click on that word "Unsubscribe".

Here is how that body copies to a clipboard:

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Rather than trying to click on a link, I think I would try the following.

  1. Copy to clipboard – which you have done.
  2. Search the clipboard for a suitable regular expression* and set that to a variable (in that same action).
  3. Open the URL that is in that variable.
  • Try (\S*?unsubscribe.*?) but it isn't easy to see from your post what the URL in your example is. If you want to post the relevant section of your example again, add a line with three backticks above and below the extract – this will ensure that it is presented as raw text.