Click on a Web Link Where the Link is Defined by a Variable


I am looking to have Google Chrome or the front browser click on a link, however the link changes based on local_lastName.

Is there a way? I have tried a variety of combinations and actions. I am stuck.

I would be clicking in the "Last Name" box on the link that in this case says "Test"

I have the regex setting the variable to WorkerLastName

I have set a text box to see if all of the variables are properly pulling, they are.

This is what I thought would be the answer, but it doesn't work.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Mike,

This is the sort of task you'd generally do with an Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action.

You can probably use either a QuerySelector or an XPath.


@ccstone Good morning Chris,

The combination of your suggestion and JMichaelTX's post here... I was able to get it done. Thank you!

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