Click on "button" in Google Chrome

I am trying to automate some actions in a web application I use at work to handle interactions (phone calls, emails, live chats, etc.). Currently, I use "Move and Click" macros which work great for me, but not so great when I share them with my peers as our set-ups, window sizes, amount of screens, etc. all vary.

I also tried to use the "Click at found image" macro, but most of the buttons do not have enough contrast to register properly.

I have done some research into XPath, but it seems as though the outside application no longer works.

So my question is this - Is there a way to set up a macro to click on a certain "button" (does not open a url, rather changes options on the web page), using something other than "move and click" and "click at found image"?

Please let me know if I can elaborate more!

things can be very different from case to case. Maybe you can give us an http address. which button on which page you want to click. some screenshots. So we can know if we can help you.