Click on image at cursor then drag to folder on desktop

Is it possible to click and drag and image from a window (which may be at any place on the screen but is directly under the cursor) and then drag the image to a folder elsewhere (but in a specific location) on the desktop?

I have tried various things but can’t seem manage to combine ‘click at current cursor location’ with ‘drag to [specific] location’.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Richard

Hey Richard,

What app are you working in?


Chris hi,

Mainly it’s in Safari though occasionally I would want to use it in Firefox and rarely in Media Pro. It’s something I’ve been able to do using Quickeys but I’d prefer to switch to using just KeyboardMaestro. I have a separate volume (partition) which appears on my desktop and want to be able to let the KBM macro click and drag any image that is directly at the position of the curse over to the folder on my desktop. The main challenge seem to be to get it to click wherever the mouse is and then drag always t the same location. Hmmm?

Any thoughts??

Mainly it's in Safari

Hey Richard,

We've had some problems with click and drag in Safari, so I'm not sure that possible to do reliably.

Safari is very scriptable though, so that may not be overly difficult.

Another possibility is to right-click and 'Save image to Downloads'.

Here's how to right-click at the current cursor position:

Right-Click.kmmacros (2.2 KB)

From there you can type-select the correct menu item and type return with KM actions.

Then you can move the most recent image file from ~/Downloads to your preferred folder.

The included macro shows you how to play with the click and click-and-drag actions. Go ahead and play with it, and see if you can get it working to your liking.

If you can't the holler, and we'll try to work something out.


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Chris hi,

That’s great and with a couple of tweaks it’s starting to come together. I changed it from right click to just a simple click and added in dragging to 2012 / 110. This seems to drag an image below the curse over to the desktop folder. It’s not perfect but way better than my earlier attempts. I’\ll play around with it a bit more and will keep you posted.

Best Regards, Richard

Chris hi there. It’s been almost a year since I asked for help and promised to let you know how I got on. Well, not too far is the answer. I stayed with quickeys until now but in Sierra I’ve finally moved over to KM.

I didn’t manage to get the action fixed. At one time I thought it was working but it just seems to move the cursor from one place to the end without dragging even though I have ‘and drag to’ selected.

Any more thoughts on how I might get this to work would be very gratefully received. Alternatively if I could get the image under the mouse (cursor) to be saved to a specific folder that would do just as well - maybe even better.

I’ll appreciate any thoughts, Regards, Richard