Click on iPad via Universal Control?

After reading the post by @Airy about Sidecar vs Universal Control, I started to wonder if I could do iPad automation via Universal Control.

I’ve tried a bunch of Move or Click actions. I used the Get button to record various positions from iPad. That seemed to work ok, recording different locations for spots chosen on iPad.

When I execute the macro, the mouse only moves as far as the edge of the closest non-iPad screen. So with iPad located below my laptop screen, the Move action only goes to the bottom of the screen then stops. Here’s the cursor stuck in my dock (via Highlight Target action):
highlight target

I tried locating iPad in various spots. With iPad to the eft of my external monitor, the Move action goes to the far left of the external monitor and stops.

I guess this all points to not being able to click on iPad via Universal Control, but I figured it was worth asking. As Airy mentioned in the other post, it would open up a lot of automation options.

I haven't tested this myself yet. When I got my new M3 iMac, I got absorbed with it.

I'm not yet sure if your idea will work, but there are some oddities about Universal Control with an iPad. Although you can move the macOS mouse onto the iPad, the System Settings Display window shows a physical space between the Mac and the iPad when you click on the Arrange button. Therefore, the macOS API may be treating that display differently from a normal display. If that's the case, then KM's actions may not work properly, if at all, on the iPad. But it's a wonderful idea and I'd love to try it myself. You tested only the Move Mouse action, but there may be some actions that work correctly.