Click Safari Link Action not working

I have been using the Click Safari Link action in several macros and they have all stopped working. I have Allow Java Scripts enabled. I have tried re-enteriing the xpath link and that doesn't help. I am running KM version 8.2.3.

Useful responses become more likely when you provide a sample of at least one non-working macro.

The macros I am referring to are essentially the same. The xpath link is the only difference. Here is an example:

Trent 10:58

Trent 10-58 .kmmacros (1.6 KB)

Thanks for uploading that.

Can you tell us what website it is targeting ?

'Working or not working' in this context is a conversation between xpath and webpage, rather than a monologue from one side or the other.

One possibility, for example, is that the xpath is no longer finding a match, because the structure of the targeted page has been changed in some way by its authors.

The web page I am using is a golf course tee time booking page that requires logging into the site and going through several menus to get to the page where the tee time links are listed. Can't find a way that could get you to the page with the links unless you log in under my name and password which I can provide if you think it will help.

I have found though that no matter what trigger I try to use, the macro won't run, but if I click on TRY from the KM editor it opens the link. So I guess the xpath is working but not the trigger. The macros associated with this site are the only ones that appear to not be working normally. Really weird.

OK, I feel really stupid. I discovered the whole group of macros I was trying to use was disabled from the view menu. I do not know how it got disabled and wasn't even aware it was an option. Finally noticed that the folder was dimmed in group list. Sorry for wasting your time.

Good detective work – I'm glad you tracked that down.

Hey Ed,

Don't be too down about it. More than a few people have been bitten by that one.