Click Safari link xpath not working on Google Ads

Hi guys,
I am trying to use click to safari link macro with xpath on google ads platform. The xpath I can get it's seems wrong. I can use this macro for many sites but not for google ads.
Here is the code

<a class="skinny-nav-item focusable-skinny-nav-item _ngcontent-awn-AWSM-15 expanded has-selected-child" role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" navi-id="Campaigns-tab" minerva-id="Campaigns-tab" href="/aw/campaigns?ocid=342650823&amp;authuser=0&amp;__u=7441390151&amp;__c=1916089572"><material-ripple class="_ngcontent-awn-AWSM-15"><div class="__acx-ripple" style="top: -107px; left: -66px; transform: translate(18px, -1px) scale(0.7223602540027595);"></div><div class="__acx-ripple" style="top: -111px; left: -56px; transform: translate(8px, 3px) scale(0.7223602540027595);"></div></material-ripple><!----><div buttondecorator="" class="toggle-children _ngcontent-awn-AWSM-15" tabindex="0" role="button" aria-disabled="false"><material-icon size="medium" class="_ngcontent-awn-AWSM-15 _nghost-awn-AWSM-4"><i aria-hidden="true" class="material-icon-i material-icons-extended _ngcontent-awn-AWSM-4">arrow_drop_down</i></material-icon></div><span class="skinny-nav-item-name _ngcontent-awn-AWSM-15" popupsource="">Campagne</span><!----><!----><!----><!----></a><!----><div class="transition _ngcontent-awn-AWSM-15"><!----><awsm-skinny-nav-item class="child-item _ngcontent-awn-AWSM-15 _nghost-awn-AWSM-15">



Informazioni aste

I've rigth clicked on href="/aw/campaigns/auctioninsights?ocid=342650823&authuser=0&__u=7441390151&__c=1916089572"
And clicked on copy xpath.

The xpath i ges is:

As you see there is no xpath ID.

Is there a way to solve and make it works?



Here's a screenshot to show the code since the copy and paste of the code above is not visible:

What ID are you expecting? You'll only get an ID entry if there is an element in its parent path that has an id attribute.

This path is the sequence from the root of the document to the link. And from that path it is clear there are a lot of elements, including some like “awsm-skinny-nav” which I have no idea how they are handled. And in all likelihoot the Xpath changes for each page. The best bet is probably to write some JavaScript to trace down the element in question, but that would be quite complex.

I don't really have any idea how else to find the link in question if the Xpath is insufficient.

Can't you use "Click Safari Link", like this:

Yours would be "Campagne"