Click the Outside of the Palette to Close the Palette?

Click the outside of the palette to close the palette?

I open the palette by shortcut keys, and Sometimes I wish I could close it quickly instead of having to click a macro to close it.

Thank you for your help!

How about pressing the Escape key?

Or „fn“. Works alone and is even easier to use than esc, at least for me.

Hi @live. You can add a Titlebar by adjusting the palette theme...

Keyboard Maestro > Preferences > Palettes, select the particular palette, and then select the Title checkbox. Then palette Title Bars will include a dismissal X in the upper-left.

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@mrpasini, for me, ESC works for Conflict Palettes, but not others.

Escape works for any palette on my system (Catalina, Keyboard Maestro v10). Interesting. The fn key doesn't, however. And the close box on title bars, while it works on palettes, is not as reliable for HTML prompts so I've trained myself not to rely on it.

"fn" works for any palette on my system. I use it to toggle my Finder palette.

Thank you for your help! @_jims @mrpasini @Frankb

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Well, combined with btt(BetterTouchTool), I opened quickly the palette by gesture on the touchpad(Very efficient,You can also try.).
So the hand is always on the touchpad, and clicking outside the panel at this time is the fastest way.

Click X, and the mouse needs to move to the button accurately.
Click ese/fn, you need your finger to leave the touchpad, and then move to the precise position.