Click with Wacom Mouse

Hi, i would like to create a macro which does a sequence of mouse clicks.

i’m use a Wacom Tablett and a Wacom Mouse, i would like to know how to set up a left mouse trigger with modifier keys.

when i try to click in the setup field it does is waiting for a key to be pressed - which works (e.g. a keyboard key) but it does nod take the mouse click as trigger…

is there something special i have to do to make this work?


Are you using a Hot Key Trigger (which wont work with mouse buttons) or a USB Device Key trigger.

The latter will (usually) work with mouse buttons unless the USB device has a driver with exclusive control of the device.

I’m using the USB Device Key trigger - possibly the wacom Mouse events are not recognised…

It is likely that the wacom mouse has a driver with exclusive control over the mouse.