Clicking an UI element based on its Accessibility Name?

I wanted to create a universal shortcut to navigate back and forward that works in any app. I started with redefining some common menu commands in System Preferences → Keyboard.

That works for many apps, but I noticed that some apps, such as App, don't have menu commands for navigating backwards and forwards. I could now use the KM action "Move or Click Mouse" (OCR).

But I soon noticed that the app has different appearances of the Back button (and they are different in Dark mode too).

So that means I'd have to make 6 OCR actions for the Back button, and 6 more for the Next button.

Then I realised: I should just use the Accessibility Name for that button. Which is simply "back".

That made me wonder... how do I do that in KM? I searched through the actions and the forum and didn't find an answer.

I guess I would like the "Move and Click" action to have an extra option "Accessibility Label" or something. It could even have an autocomplete box to help you locate the thing you want to click on—a little like how this great app Wooshy does it.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this. I guess this is already somehow possible with AppleScript, but it would be nice to have it in the UI of KM.