Clicking and Making Selections on JavaScript Buttons

I know very almost nothing about Javascript but through reading (it seems) hundreds of comments on this fourm I have learned how to simulate a click on a simple javascript button. I'm trying to automate some of the controls on


I have had success with the buttons that have...


by using the following javascript snippets in the "Execute Javascript in Front Browser" action in KM. Works great.


I want to be able to change the channel (pic above shows it's dialed to the RP Main Mix) to each of the available channels. Clicking on the green RP Main Mix button pops up a list of available channels to select.


I've looked at the elements but I can't figure out what javascript to execute to pick a channel. I currently use found image actions to make the selection but they are just not reliable enough.

Thanks so much for any help.


Hey Chris,

I took a look, and the channel selector is a very complex widget.

Beyond my currently level of js.fu I'm afraid.


Thanks for taking a look at it!