'clicking' button on Safari Page

Trying to select 'Service Offered' -
I have tried 'Select Safari Radio Button' - doesn't work.
I've also tried the 'xpath' method - couldn't get it to work.
This is the page from Craigslist

These are from Safari Web Inspector

This is from Chrome 'inspect'

This is the xpath

any help would be appreciated, I've been using 'click' according to top left of window, but we all know the problem with that, they change the position, no clickee..... !!

Using this page for testing:

This works for me in Safari:

And this works in Chrome:

In both cases, the radio button is:

man, HOW do you know all this stuff!!! +), awesome, thanx.... 1 more?
how about the continue button,

can't get it with set button, I tried with

The "continue" button is a form submit button, so you use:

Safari is similar.

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just awesome, thanx man~

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Great progress on the basic Craigs List pages, now:
Authorize.net might be different? I tried the xpath of

didn't work,
here's the inspect element result-