Clicking items in the menubar

I’d like to click a drop down menu item called “Reports” and from there it will click “Marketing” and then “Monthly Marketing Reports” - this will open a new tab for me to view my reports. I have read the but not sure I understand.

I do have the names of items to click. I have tried to use Click at Found Image but not sure what do add there. Do I just record it?


Hey @skyblue,

What drop down menu?

What app?


Hi @ccstone

It’s an in-house data warehouse app.

Drop-down menu as in when you go to KM, you can click “File” and then click “Export Actions…”


Hey @skyblue

Try changing “Dropbox” in this script to the name of your app.

Then run it from the Script

tell application "System Events"
  tell UI element "Dropbox"
    tell menu bar 2
      tell menu bar item 1
        perform action "AXPress"
      end tell
    end tell
  end tell
end tell

If it works then use a Execute an AppleScript action in Keyboard Maestro.