Clicking link with dynamic xpath

i have a macro which will fill in a form and at the bottom of the form is a captcha pop up. i have a chrome extension which automatically solves these however clicking the activation button (neatly placed within the captcha box) is proving difficult. i am a noob and really dont know what im doing at all with any of this. i have tried to follow other guides but im too basic. i tried all the chrome interaction actions as well as trying to copy someone's javascript but no can do. tried copying xpath and the other copy options when i right click the element in chrome inspector. iv uploaded an image if its any help. thanks!!
Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 21.46.03|690x290

Can you please post your macro? If what you're trying to do is not going to lead to undesirable results then I can probably help you out. Technically your problem is either quite simple, or it ethically should not be solved :slight_smile: