Clicking on items on menubar dropdown

I need to launch this VPN app that upon launch, goes straight to the menu bar. From there, I need to click a drop-down menu to connect to the VPN connection I want to connect to, say, “Client 1”

Is there a way for KM to click item on the drop-down menu and then select the VPN item I need to connect to?


Hello, I have solved with me with the App Bartender 2 @skyblue.

Attached times a short video.

If you are not using Bartender, you can start the macro via a picture of the menu item instead of the shortcut and then use the down arrow key. Unfortunately, with the picture is very strongly from the look (actic or inactive) dependent, so I use bartender to the selection of the menu items.

VPN_Start : Stop.kmmacros (6,8 KB)