Clicking sub-menu on web page

I need to automate a repeated process on a website. The macro needs to click

which is no problem. But then it needs to navigate the sub-menus

and click To Excel (unformatted). I'm crippled by a lack of web scripting knowledge, and am limited pretty much to click-what-you-see macros. Any help would be appreciated.

Please provide the URL of the web page.

If you can’t do this due to privacy reasons, post a screenshot of the HTML provided by the Chrome “Inspect” tool when you right-click on the sub-menu item to be clicked.

To learn how to use the Chrome Inspect tool, see this video:
Demo Chrome Inspect Tool to Identify Tags for JavaScript by JMichaelTX

The site contains sensitive financial data and requires a login. But here is the screenshot that you requested.



Unfortunately, I can't find the text "Excel" anywhere in that image.
Are you sure that you right-clicked on the "To Excel (unformatted)" item, and then selected "Inspect"?

Also, check to see if the "To Excel" is text or image.

It would be better to have the HTML code, so please try this:

  1. On the web page, click to show the "To Excel (unformatted)" item
  2. Right-click on the "Export Data" item, and select "inspect"
  3. In the Chrome Dev Tools display, go up at least one <div> and click on it
  4. Right-click on that and select "expand all"
  5. Right-click again and select Copy > Copy outerHTML
  6. Paste that in a reply to this using a code block with "html" as the language.

Double-check to make sure you can find "Excel" somewhere.
You can do a search of the HTML using the Chrome Dev Tool Search field:

Here's an example of where I searched for "download"

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