Clipboard change event when using Clipboard History Switcher

You can use the Clipboard History Switcher to manipulate the clipboard stack including changing the content of the current system clipboard.

Problem is, when the system clipboard content is changed via the Clipboard History Switcher, KM seems to not trigger the event “Clipboard Changes”.

Can anybody else confirm this behaviour or is that specific to my machine?
If confirmed, I would make a request to issue the trigger on clipboard stack manipulation.

As far as I can tell, the only case that failed was if you delete the first item of the clipboard history switcher. If you, for example, pasted in the third item, that would set the system clipboard and fire the trigger.

I have fixed the case for when you delete the first item so it now correctly triggers the clipboard changed trigger for the next minor version.

If there are other cases that fail, let me know.

Thanks Peter,
the deletion of the first item is the only case in which the system clipboard is substituted so I think your fix is what is needed.
Amazing support, as always!

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