Clipboard groups?

  • I'd like to organise my clipboards into groups. Is this possible?

  • Is it possible to lock a clipboard?

  • Does data in the clipboard sync and save to the cloud if I have syncing turned on?

  • If I copy a sound file from finder, say, to a KM clipboard, does it put a copy of the file itself in KM or just a reference to the file?

  • If the latter, perhaps I could put the files I need inside a syncing folder and then copy from those. I'd rather it operated independently wherever possible though.

The reason being that I'm using clipboards for for Final Cut Pro things and when I copy something internal to final cut pro it works when it's pasted but it appears in keyboard maestro as "Unknown Clipboard Data" which concerns me somewhat.


You could group macros and reference that way, or you can name your macros in a way that groups them.


No, only the macros are synced with Macro Syncing.

That depends on how it is copied. A clipboard can contain a reference to a file, or it can contain the contents of the file, but what is put there is dependent on the source application. Whatever is put there will be stored in the clipboard (or Named Clipboard). You can actively set a clipboard to a file reference with the Set Clipboard to File Reference action.

Yes, that could well be a good option for syncing data that is referenced from a macro.

Keyboard Maestro can recognise various forms of clipboard data, like text, styled text, or images. But clipboard data can contain any set of "flavours". If none of the flavours are recognised as text, styled text, or images, then Keyboard Maestro can't display the contents, hence it is “Unknown Clipboard Data” - it doesn't mean anything bad, just that Keyboard Maestro cannot display anything useful from it.

Thank you so much for this.

Is there any way of checking whether it is a reference or a file when it says "Unknown Clipboard Data" ?

Sorry I think I misworded the question. I mean does data in the Named Clipboard sync?

You can possibly use the Clipboard condition conforms to, but I'm not sure what the UTI would be for the case.

No, only macros sync. No preferences, variables, Named Clipboards, just macros.

Oh. Perhaps you can help me troubleshoot.

I’d very much like to work it out so all my macros (including the ones that paste stuff into final cut pro) are autonomous.
If it were a file I was copying then it would be easy; I could sync the files and have my macros copy the files from a folder that syncs too.

The problem is that the data I’m copying and pasting isn’t displayed by KBM.
I'm assuming it's just a bunch of code for Final Cut Pro. I'm not sure when I copy a "Transition" it's actually copying a file; just data that can then tell Final Cut Pro what to do.

Can you see a way around this? If i could access the clipboard data then perhaps I could pass it on to final cut. I know command-post does this but I'm reticent to install it as I find it confusing.

I have no idea what this means, but it seems like an entirely new question, so you should start by posting a new topic, but also reading through what you've written I have no idea what you are asking, so I'd suggest you go back and think about what you are actually trying to acomplish and then post a new question with that information.

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