Clipboard History Switcher Questions

Hi! After being inspired by the new clipboard filtering and trigger possibilities, I’ve moved from using Alfred’s clipboard history to KM’s, and seems to be paying off!

Apologies if these have been answered elsewhere, I first tried to find the answers in the forum and documentation, honest! :slight_smile:

• With “Save Clipboard History to Disk” enabled, how long does it keep clipboard entries around before deleting, and are there options somewhere for managing this?

• Is there a way to limit the size of the files retained on the clipboard to avoid it getting bogged down?

• In the spirit of keeping hands on keyboard, is there a keyboard shortcut to access the gears dropdown menu for an item without clicking?

• Feature suggestion: Allow dragging of an image from history switcher to finder folder to create a new file.
- And/or add a menu item to allow images to be saved to disk. Or is this best done by creating a clipboard filter macro with the “write to file” action?

Thanks in advance!

By default, it keeps the last 200 entries. You can adjust it via a hidden preference.

Things that “look like” passwords (ie, are concealed in the Clipboard Switcher) will not be written to disk and will be removed from the history after they get past position 10.

You can limit the size of saved clipboard flavors (hidden preference).

No. You can control click on an item. But still requires the mouse.

You can drag it as an image (or text), but not as a file.


It could use the Clipboard Filter trigger, the Trigger Clipboard facility, and the new Prompt For File action - practically a Perfect Storm of Keyboard Maestro 8 facilities :wink:


Thanks for your help once again, Peter.

I created a couple macros and decided to share just for the heck of it, in case it saves some poor newbie 10 seconds of tinkering :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2 “KM: Right Click on Current Clipboard History Item” Macro

  • Triggered by hotkey, just clicks on found image of the gears icon beside the currently selected clipboard item.

  • It seems that that Clipboard History window isn't identifiable within a macro since it doesn't belong to an application, so I had to make the macro global.

  • It seems to be about a 2-3 second lag before KM allows the different items in the right click menu to be selectable using the keyboard's arrow keys.

  • The 2nd action just offsets the cursor a bit to the items in the menu I'll be using most… just saves a few "down arrow" presses.

KM- Right Click on Current Clipboard History Item.kmmacros (42 KB)

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2 “Save Clipboard as PNG” Macro


  • (I accidentally left "to Desktop" in the macro name because that was where I had it saving before I adjusted the macro to use the "Prompt for (New) File" action, as per Peter's recommendation)

Save Clipboard to Desktop as PNG.kmmacros (18 KB)

Save Clipboard to Desktop as PNG.kmmacros (18 KB)

Thanks for creating and posting this! I was looking for a keyboard shortcut for this too but it sounds like it doesn't exist (at least as of Oct 2017 and I haven't found any newer info).

Now in KM v9 with dark mode, the image needs to be updated but it still gets the job done. Here's a version with the dark mode icon in case anyone else is looking for this:

KM: Right Click on Current Clipboard History Item - Dark Mode.kmmacros (11.2 KB)

[Note: I used a different hot key trigger and disabled a couple of actions because I wanted the first menu item to be pre-selected. To restore it to Joel's version, disable/delete the last action (Type Down Arrow Keystroke) and re-enable the two disabled actions.]

I second the suggestion of a proper keyboard shortcut for the gear menu that works in dark or light mode without having to swap an img out.

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Another vote for the Gear Menu keyboard shortcut.

I also noticed a quirk: selecting one of the Gear Menu with the keyboard (pressing arrows keys or letters) and then aborting the operation (pressing Esc) causes the selection to jump to a different item in the clipboard list.