Clipboard History Switcher

Hi all, this might be really obvious but I’ve just noticed that my ‘favorites’ in the Clipboard History Switcher can be deleted without a warning dialogue. I thought that Clipboard History favorites were ‘locked’ until they were switched off. Please let me know what I’m missing. Thanks.

Favorites can be deleted just like any other entry. Favorites simply wont fall off the end of the clipboard history (ie, they will never expire). the clipboard history is limited to 200 (by default) items, and so when an entry is past that position it is removed, unless it is marked as a Favorite, in which case it remains at the end. You can also select from the popup menu in the search field to show just Favorite items.

OK. That helps. Would love to see the ability to lock favorites so that they can’t be deleted unless you ‘un-favorite’ them.