Clipboard keeps getting replaced

ERG, OK,,,, I have a clipboard named, Clipboard01 - it is assigned to numerous macros.
It keeps getting replaced by another clipboard named, Interview_Wendys. !!
I have gone thru all of my macros that have the word Wendy in them and changed the 'called upon' clipboard to, clipboard01 as it should be. I have 'cleaned' all of my macros of having any reference to the wendys clipboard and then Deleted the actual clipboard of wendys....
I have done this at least twice over the last month, and yet the dreaded wendys clipboard comes back and has replace every reference to clipboard01.
HELP ME!, thanx......

Did the Interview_Wendys named clipboard get recreated?

Have you searched specifically for "Interview_Wendys" (with the quotes)?


Yes, the clipboard got recreated!
no, didn't search with the quotes, but when I put wendy they are the only things I find
thanx man, this is a big pain in the butoockus! =)
Addition: I just searched for "Wendy" and found nothing, let's see if it shows it's ugly head in the next few days..... I of course, will report if it does.....
Unless you have a clue and there is something else I can do.

Search for:


Make sure you search the All Macros group.

Quit and restart the Keyboard Maestro Editor and Engine too.

yes, I always search the All Macros group.... in this case, thanx.
LOL, and Yeah, I quit the engine then the app. and re-opened....
fingers crossed, sort of murphys law at work here.... now that I've taken the time to post the issue it'll go away. My mouth to God's ears!!!!!
all good,

If it comes back be sure to ping Peter.

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