[Clipboard] Strip clipboard URL detritus


don't you hate it? You want to link an URL that's like http://www.something.com, and the internet adds a gazillion referrer parameters that tell everyone everything about you (from your shoe size to your browser to what site you came from), bloating the URL to 21562341 characters to ensure you can't copy-paste it anywhere ever?

Well, I do, that's why I made this script.

It parses the lines in a file with regular expressions (first action is to check if the file exists, and to write it if it doesn't - you might want to delete that after running it for the first time). After, it'll cut off everything from the start of the regular expression to the end of the URL.

I bet the script can be optimised, but I'm not sure how. At least it's fairly lightweight. Let me know if you have suggestions how to improve it!

[g] OnClipboardChange.kmmacros (9.3 KB)