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Hello, unfortunately I am not yet so familiar with KM that I would know a solution to my problem. It may well be that I have already read over the solution in the wiki, thanks to my knowledge of English. Anyway. The problem: I want the clipboard to be inserted in the action "Prompt for User Input "Get search string"". What do I have to do for this? Thanks for hints, Matze
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You will probably want to use %SystemClipboard%, but it's hard to tell exactly what you're trying to do from your description. If this doesn't help you, please post a screenshot of your macro.

Hi there, thank you for your response.
Here is the beginning of the macro.
Several "Open URL" Actions follow in which the Variable is placed into the URL like ""
I thought I could have the macro copy a text and then paste it into the "Get Search String" action. But this does not work.
Best Matze
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If you're tying to search multiple sites for a search term that comes from whatever you just copied, I would do it like this. Presumably, you're using a prompt so you can add to or edit to the search term...?

Search Sites for Term.kmmacros (27.7 KB)


Whatever you copied before triggering the macro will be the default search term.

Hello Neil,
thank you for your Macro.
Yes, I want to search multiple websites at once with a copied term, which I sometimes want to edit before searching, thus the prompt action.
In my macro I have changed Local_SearchTerm to %SystemClipboard%, as you have suggested. Now it works, thanks!
Your Macro works as well.
Thanks a lot, Matze

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