Close Window missing? Quickeys user wants to know!

I’ve just moved over to KM from Quickeys (RIP). One of the features I used the most in QK was the Window Actions under the heading of User Actions. And the most-used Window Action was Close Window. I’ve searched this subject here on the KM Forum and found workarounds. But I purchased KM in hopes of avoiding writing my own script or copying others and then spending time debugging etc. “Plug & Play” is something I really appreciated in QK.

Seems like these basic window commands would be desired by many but maybe I’m one of the few. I’m disappointed in this omission and will submit my vote to include it.


I get a lot of QuicKeys refugees. Keyboard Maestro and QuicKeys are very different, and can be a bit jarring initially, but I frequently get the comment along the lines of "Why didn't I switch sooner". Hopefully your experience will be similar.

Please read the wiki page on transitioning from QuicKeys for some tips, and also read the Quick Start (menu Help -> Quick Start) to understand the different parts that make up Keyboard Maestro and how they work together, as well as to become familiar with the terminology used in Keyboard Maestro.

Close Window is handled by the Manipulate Window action.