Closing window after mounting network drive?

I have created a new macro that detects when my Mac is active on my home Wifi and then mounts a network connected drive. I wish to close the window that displays when the drive mounts. Currently I pause to wait for the drive to mount. Then I test to see if any window in Finder contains the title for the mounted drive window. I am attempting to close the window in Finder that contains the title. When I "try" the macro, it works except for closing the window. All tests show "True" when I step through the macro and when I try the last step of closing the window it works properly. When I run the whole macro, the window does not close. New to KM. Looking for help on this. Picture attached of macro.


First off, let me confirm that I think this should work also. You’re not crazy (or we both are).

Given that, this sounds like a timing issue to me.

Give it another trigger you can use anytime, and disable the “Open URL” action. Then open the Finder window manually, wait a second, and trigger the macro. That should work, unless you’ve got a spelling error somewhere.

Assuming that works, then I’ll bet you need a short Pause action after the “Pause Until” action.

Oh, and you shouldn’t need the “IF”, because the “Pause Until” should cover that condition.

Thanks very much for the quick response. I added a 5 second ‘pause’ after the ‘pause until’ and it works without issue. I had added in the ‘if’ statement after it was initially not working and to provide more state validation steps. i have removed it now as it is indeed not needed.


Awesome. I wouldn’t think you’d need as much as 5 seconds - I would have guessed a half second at most. Shows how much I know! :slight_smile:

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Hey Andrew,

You're better off testing for a real condition than using an ambiguous pause.

You can set a timeout for the pause-until action by opening the gear-menu and selecting “Set Action Timeout...”



You could also mount the volume with AppleScript.
This does not open a window.