Color of Progress Bar

[NOTE - originally posted as private message but Peter asked me to add in to the Forum so that he could reference the thread if it gets fixed in new version]

Hi @peternlewis
This seems too minor to start a whole thread on the Forum... but is there a way to get the Progress Bar in Dark mode to have a blue bar rather than grey? The Mac OS Progress Bar is blue in both light and dark mode but the new Keyboard Maestro Progress Bar is blue in light mode but grey in dark mode.

Mac OS Progress Bar (from Final Cut)

Keyboard Maestro Progress Bar in Dark and Light modes:



I looked in to this but nothing I could find would work. If I managed to get the display blue, then the background of the progress bar was black and couldn't be seen.

So unfortunately at this time I don't have a solution to this.

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Oh well, I suppose it could have gone the other way and been a simple fix. The good thing is the colour has no effect on the functionality. As I've mentioned in a couple of other posts, I love this new Progress Bar and have been using it a lot.