Column widths in the Keyboard Maestro Editor frequently jump to new widths


While I’m working in the Keyboard Maestro Editor the widths of the Groups and Macros columns suddenly change without my conscious effort.

This started with the last software update—I think.

This is on a 2015 MacBook Air with BetterTouchTool active

Any suggestions?



I will need more info about when it happens. Perhaps next time it happens, check the Engine.log file and see if any macros have fired unintentionally, or might have spurious extra actions.


I posted about this same ‘column changing’ issue a couple of years ago, and it has continued to frustrate me since. The seemingly random (and quite maddening) nature of its occurrence, along with my inability to determine what triggered it, caused me to just write a couple of scripts that I routinely run whenever this happens to reset my preferred Editor column widths and restart KM. However…

…today I finally discovered what causes the column widths ‘magically’ shift and, more importantly, how to reproduce it “almost” without fail. Here we go…

  1. Open the KM Editor
  2. Select any macro in any macro group
  3. Goto the Triggers section at the top of the right-side macro details column. (Note: the macro you’re using to test this needs to have at least one trigger set, doesn’t matter what kind)
  4. Click and release the mouse on any trigger drop down indicator to reveal the chooser menu
  5. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) With the chooser drop down menu now showing (and without clicking anywhere at this point), move the mouse cursor away from the drop down menu so nothing in the menu is selected.
  6. While the menu is still showing, but nothing is selected, click and HOLD the mouse and drag it back and forth across the Editor window. If this works like it does on my system, your Editor columns should be sliding back and forth like it was Hammer Time!

Now, I’ve test tested this dozens of times and the procedure above causes the columns to shift almost every time. Sometimes however, something (not sure what, but I think it has to do with changing the type of trigger) causes it to not to shift the columns around. When this happens, restarting the Editor typically restores the unwanted behavior.

In addition, at one point when the columns were slip slidin’ away, I’m not sure if they’re related to the issue, but I found the two entries below in Console. Note: over the past two years of dealing with this (and checking everything almost every time it happened for a cause), today was the only time I have ever seen entries such as these in the log at the same time when the columns went nutty.

6/14/17 1:16:30.456 PM Keyboard Maestro[29447]: Assertion Failed: i_mouseDownEvent, file: /Users/peter/Keyboard Maestro/Project/Source/Views/, value: 0

6/14/17 1:17:53.264 PM Keyboard Maestro[29447]: ActionViewListItemController remaining allocated {
ACancelEditor = 1;
AIfThenElseEditor = 1;
AMouseMoveAndClickEditor = 1;

Hope this helps you diagnose this issue!


I tried to duplicate this and I could not.

I found a possible case for the assertion, but that is in the view list dragging code. However it would happen if the view got a mouse dragged event without a mouse down event. And that should never happen. So if views are getting mouse dragged events without mouse down events, then that could also explain the split view resizing.