Combining multiple hotkey triggered macros/specifying trigger string

I have several simple hotkey triggered macros that I was thinking of combining into one macro with multiple hotkey triggers and then using a switch statement to determine which hotkey triggered the macro.

I'm using a hyper key (caps-lock=shift+ctrl+opt+cmd)+ as the trigger. While setting up the multiple hotkey triggers is trivial, I'm not sure how to specify a particular hotkey sequence within the switch action.

A couple options I see are:

If Variable TriggerValue is ... I don't know how to specify + in that textbox.
or trying to detect if modifiers are pressed (seems poor).


If the modifier keys are the same for all of your hotkeys for this macro, then you can just use a %TriggerValue% contains the non-modifer key. Else, you have to use a is and enter the enter hotkey.

For example:


Make sense?

BTW, here are the characters to use for modifier keys:

Got it. I was under the mistaken impression that I could (or had to) use “contains” with the same key string (i.e. “Down Arrow”) as shown in the trigger. Using the character for the respective key works great. Thank you.