Command C is tapped only twice works, but now my command c doesnt do anything


I bind my trigger to command C is tapped only twice, and it works. But now my command c (copy) doesn't work at all.

I tried this on monterey and Sonoma and both are exhibiting the same behavior.

Any suggestion? Thanks

I suppose you have to set up both triggers "is only tapped twice" for something and "is only tapped once" for something else.

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The Hot Key trigger always swallows the key. “tapped only twice” limits when the macro will be triggered - but the key is always swallowed.

Firstly, that is because that is how the hot key API works, so there isn't any choice, but even if there were, Keyboard Maestro cannot see the future so it would not know whether to steal the key or not.

You could use a USB Device Key trigger since that does not steal the key, and since pressing Command-C twice generally makes no difference.

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This is a very clear explanation, thank you. Now I understand the root cause correctly.

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Make sense. Thanks!