Command for Closing All Palettes Simultaneously?


Wondering if there’s a simple method for closing any (or all) open palettes simultaneously. Case in point…

I have 3 Macro Groups, each of which displays a palette when triggered. Having already triggered the first palette to appear, when I trigger the second palette I’d like to have the first one close.

Of course I can program each Macro Group to close the palettes of the other two (regardless of whether they’re open or not – no need to test for this really) but I’d prefer to have a global function for this — because as I expand the number of palettes in my setup, the amount of additional programming needed in each Macro to close open palettes will grow exponentially. Or logarithmically. Or… well, “more-ly” :smiley:



Press the Escape key.

(Prior to Keyboard Maestro version 7, if a palette was showing and another was activated, the prior one would close. I’m not certain what caused this change.)

Hi NaOH,

Thank you very much for your reply! Unfortunately, however, ESC has no effect.

Running Mac/Sierra 10.12.2 and KM version 7.3.1

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My fault for being incomplete there. The Escape key will work when your palette is set with the option Shows A Palette For One Action When The Hot Key [of your choice] Is Pressed.

Aha! Thanks again NaOH.