Command Key as Hot Key?

Is there a way to assign the Command key alone as a hot key? All I'm trying to do is use KM with a remote desktop application like Splashtop to re-map the Command Key to the Control key when that app is active. Thumb gymnastics pressing the Control key is painful and just annoying when working between different applications. I have a KM macro that works, but can't trigger it with the Command key yet. Thanks!

A s my laptop control key is erratic ***, I have many macros trigggered with two ways
as follows

(Bluetooth kbd) CTL+OPT+CMD+P activate Preview
(Laptop) OPT+SHFT+P activate Preview


*** Spilt beer on bottom left of keyboard :frowning:

Hi, jonathanonl. Sorry, I don't follow what you're saying.

BTW, kybard :slight_smile:

What I am saying is you may not have to use the CTL key at all by remapping the Hotkey combo/trigger to something else e.g. SHFT+CMD+A

An action can have more than one hotkey combo trigger.

PS Outside of KM, i.e. this is a system pref mapping I have the CapsLock Key mapped to CTL. SysPrefs>Keyboard>Modifier Keys> then CapsLOck>CTL. Voila!

Ah. I appreciate the suggestion. For me, that would unnecessarily complicate things. I'm just trying to get the Command key to behave like the Control key when I press it as a modifier with any other key(s). Having to press Caps Lock (or any other key) instead of Control wouldn't be an improvement (especially if it means re-teaching muscle memory for a dozen or more combos). Any other thoughts?

Because my shift key does not work and many others I have had to remap the keyboard, here are some of them

so speakingfrom bitter experience
either globally or in those apps you specially want

define macro trigger CMD+x and type keystroke CTL+x etc etc

Any other ideas?

You can change the modifier keys in macOS system Preferences:


Hi, JMichaelTX,

Thank you for the reply.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can do this selectively per application.

I want modifier keys to function normally with all apps except the

ones I use for remote control of a Windows computer. Only those need

to have the key functions reversed.

— Erik

You cannot use Keyboard Maestro to remap modifier keys.

You may be able to use a low level tool like Karabiner Elements for such things.