Command-Q stops working

Can someone help me figure this out? I’m not sure when specifically this happens but at some point after I start KM 7 (brand new install with default macros) the Command-Q command stops working for all applications. The only work around is to log-out of my user and log back in. Turning off KM and the engine has no effect at all.

If that be the case, then I'd suggest that you look elsewhere for the cause of your issue.

I agree with @JMichaelTX - If you’ve got the engine stopped and the editor isn’t open, I can’t see any way for KM to be the cause.

An additional ‘layer’ to this… Could it be an interaction with KeyCue Perhaps? I can try running with one and not the other for a while.

BTW thanks for your responses… I appreciate any help I can get on this.

I suppose it's not out of the realm of possibility that when KeyCue and KM interact with each other, somehow something happens to KC to cause it to mess up Command-Q... If that were to happen, it's conceivable (however remote) that stopping the KM Engine might not fix the problem with KC.

It doesn't seem likely, but it should be easy enough to test. Try running without KC for a while, just with KM. If that works OK, try running with KC for a while and not KM. If that works, try them together.

This still doesn't seem likely to me, although I admit that when I tried KeyCue a month or two ago, my system kept on locking up. As soon as I quit using it, almost no lockups. So it's possible that KQ and KC don't always play well together, although I would think we'd see more posts about it if that were the case.

Well, I’ve gone all day with just KM running and KC turned off… no issues with the Command-Q key at all.

So to sum up… On my system:

KC works fine without KM
KM works fine without KC.

KC and KM have a problem, specifically with allowing Command Q to pass through to applications.

I guess it’s time to chat up the guys over at KC support now and get their thoughts on this.

Thanks guys.

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