Common Misspelled Words – Text Corrections Library


I moved my library of common misspellings to KM.

It's fairly large. I haven't notice KM having any problems with it. (114.1 KB)


Hi there,
This is potentially really useful!
But as a newbie, I’m not sure what it is / how to use it!
I’ve tried importing it into KM as a macro a couple of different ways, but that doesn’t work - is it a macro?

Many thanks,

Open “Macro Library” in the Windows menu and you’ll see the things there.

That’s useful, but the spelling library isn’t there.
How do I get it from DropBox (or my downloads) to KM or the Macro Library please?


Download it to your Mac and drag and drop it onto KM.

I’ve tried that - it says
"the macro file you selected is of an unknown format"
I tried changing the file suffix from .txt to KMmacros, but neither worked.


After you download, in KM Editor, goto menu File > Import to Macro Library …

Sorry; when I try that, it’s just greyed out. :frowning:

Hey Mike,

The file should be named: Spelling.kmlibrary

Just drag that file onto the Keyboard Maestro Editor icon in the Dock.

The Keyboard Maestro Editor will open with the Keyboard Maestro Library window frontmost, and the Spelling library will be selected.

Double-click it, and it will be installed.

It’s big, so it’ll take a moment or so.


Many thanks; all sorted now!!


Thanks for the great library. I had to make 1 change in it, personally.
The entry for ws would not let me type out the word windows, for example, and other words legitimately ending in ws. I modified that entry to match after a word break instead of match after any character
I’m sure I’ll find others every now and then that I’ll update when it happens. Thanks again for sharing all of these!

The library file in post #1 has been moved to the forum for more reliable downloads.

-Christopher Stone { Keyboard Maestro Moderator }