Compare an Image in the System Clipboard to an Image on Screen

I have the immediate need to do some repetitive work. In a nutshell, I have to compare more than 1000 images to another 1000 images.

I know there are software solutions out there that can compare images but I need to specifically compare an image that's in the System Clipboard to an image that's on-screen (all within a specific application I will use as this is where all the automation needs to take place).

That said, is there a way to have KM compare an image that’s in the System Clipboard to an image that's on the screen? If they match I'll have the macro carry-on. If not, it will abort it.


Yep. Have you looked at this:



Amazing. Thank you!

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Hey Guys,

Building off of this, I'm looking to incorporate this concept into a loop. Basically looking to carry out the loop until the screen doesn't change, but for some reason in my code the loop never ends. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

@bobinedefil9 You probably want to do something more along the lines of...