Compare text strings

I read in another thread that comparing two strings isn't straightforward.

What I want is simple: Compare two URLs. If true, do something, if false do something else.

I've spent about 2 hours already trying to get this to work but KM doesn't seem to be as user-friendly in this area.

Here's what I have so far:

The solution is simple. You actually stated it in your request: "if true ..."
The KM If Then Else action (KM Wiki) will do the job.

The reason your attempt fails is two fold. Firstly, calculations are numeric only, so you cannot compare to strings with a calculation.

Secondly, calculations are numeric fields, so variables are used directly, not text tokens like you have done (ie, it would be just Variable2 = Variable in the calculation field, assuming they were numbers).

See the Text Fields wiki page which is well worth reading.

As @JMichaelTX says, you need a Variable condition to test it Variable is %Variable%Variable2%.