Compare two time values possible in KM?

Is it possible to compare two video time values in the form of hh:mm:ss:ff (i.e., hours:mins:secs:frames)?

I'm trying to automate something in After Effects so that if one give duration is less then 10 seconds long then have KM perform a certain action.


Hey @project_guru,

You can't compare hh:mm:ss:ff except for string equality, but if you break it up into pieces you have more options.

See Calculations on the wiki.


You will need to convert each video time value into a numeric total seconds, and then make the comparison using a KM If Then Else action, something like this:

set time1 to [convert video time 1 to total seconds]
set time2 to [convert video time 2 to total seconds]


To convert video time to total seconds, see:
MACRO: Add or Subtract SMPTE TimeCode Strings [Example]

This macro contains a script that does the conversion from SMPTE time to total seconds (or total frames).