Compatibility with Logitech mouses

I was using Keyboard Maestro before with my old Logitech mouse and I was able to assign macros to the device keys. It doesn’t work anymore with my new Logitech G602. I presently use SteerMouse but would prefer to have only one ‘shortcuts’ app. Is there a list of compatible mice or a way to make the G602 compatible?


Usual keyboard maestro should work with any mice. However i found that the Logitech software is yeah…pure ****. I was testing the mx masters and had to uninstall the driver to use it normally for all my software. In addition to that i had some bluetooth issues and used the little usb dongle which made things more reliable. So uninstall the driver and yeah use the right trigger of course :slight_smile:

I also have an older Logitech 10-button mouse, without any Logitech drivers installed on this Mac. But KM only sees 2 buttons or so. I think this may have something to do with the onboard settings of this mouse. (I could only access these through a Logitech app on Windows…)

So, three months later, I finally found a way by chance. In the USB Device Key Trigger field, clicking directly the secondary buttons doesn’t work because Keyboard Maestro doesn’t recognize them. The trick is to click the secondary buttons WHILE the left (primary) button is already down. Go figure, but it works!

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Keyboard Maestro looks for a single bit change when trying to find a USB Device Key button. A single bit must go on and then off.

My guess is when you do the primary button, it is turning one bit on and off, and when you do the secondary button it is turning two bits on and off. By holding down the primary button you are keeping that bit on the whole time.

Anyway, that’s great that you found a solution!