Logitech MX Master and Keyboard Maestro

TL;DR: Someone please tell me how to set up an MX Master (v1) to work with KM, without using up normal hotkeys. :pray:t3:

I've used my MX Master for years with Logi Options without issue but since upgrading to Monterey my mac won't stay asleep and there are a few too many forum posts dotted around that blame this on Logi Options for me to ignore it as a potential culprit.

I found this thread which describes using mouse buttons as USB device keys. Great, but what do I set my buttons to be for them to be recognised by KM?

Expand for all available click types

Wheel mode shift
Gesture button
Middle button
Advanced click
App Expose
Brightness down
Brightness up
Change pointer speed
Desktop (left)
Desktop (right)
Finder Search
Keystroke assignment
Look up
Mission Control
Mute Sound
Open application
Open file
Open folder
Open web page
Screen capture
Scroll left
Scroll right
Show desktop
Smart zoom
Volume down
Volume up
Zoom using scroll wheel

Another option is to assign each button an F13-F20 keystroke. I don't have phsyical keys to set those, so I tried simulating them via KM, and Logi Options doesn't respond.

This may not be the only way or the best way - but I use Hyperkey in Karabiner-Elements and assign a Hyperkey to each of the buttons (such as Ctrl-Command-Option-Shift-Q). Then I assign that Hyperkey as a trigger in KM.

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