Concerning Activate a Specific Application

When choosing to activate an application there are two choices that can be made using check boxes. These are 1) All windows, and 2) Reopen initial windows.

I have searched the net and am unable to find any explanation concerning these choices other than that they are available. So I choose an application (Calendar) and tried every possible combination of these two check box choices. Every selection returned the same result.

Please, someone, tell me exactly when and why I should check or uncheck either of these two choices.


Checking "reopen initial windows" will restore the application windows even if the windows have been minimized.

  • [ ] All Windows - only activate the application and it's front window, leave the rest of it’s windows in the background
  • [x] All Windows - activate the application and bring all of its windows to the front.

When an application first launches, and has no open windows, it will generally open a default window (eg an editor might open a new blank window). [x] Reopen initial windows asks the application to do that.

Note that these are really requests, and the application may do whatever it wants - the application might always bring all its windows to the front (though this is unusual) and the application might always open a new blank window if no other windows are open when it is activated.