Configure Page Up/Page Down to Move Caret/Cursor vs Jump Back to Original Position

Looking for a way to configure page up and page down keys to move the caret (text cursor) when scrolling up or down. The default behavior of macOS appears to be to just scroll the screen but not move the caret/cursor.

I've tried editing the ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultkeyBinding.dict as follows and then restarting my system but without success.

/* page up/down with moving insertion point, caret */
"\UF72C" = "pageUp:";
"\UF72D" = "pageDown:";

I'm running the latest version of macOS. I'm also using Logitech K750 keyboard but I'm getting same results on native MacBook keyboard as well.

Thank you,

I know this is an old post, but I was researching the same thing, and I accidentally discovered that Opt-PageDown does just what we're looking for. It pages down while also moving the insertion point. No KM needed this time. :blush:


Excellent discovery!