Conflict Palette and Disappearing Palette


I have 2 parts to my question.

  1. Whenever the 'show palette of macros' action is triggered, it results in the Conflict palette appearing. I don't understand why because there are no conflicts. There are no other macros enabled that share the same hotkeys. Have I misunderstood the conflict palette? I just want it to display all the macros in that group.

  2. If a palette is set to display for one action, it's disappearing very quickly and before the action occurs. I've pinpointed this down to the (I'm assuming) load time of the macro. If I add a pause before the 'Show palette' action that is longer than the little diamond appears in the bottom right, the palette stays. Is there a more elegant solution here that I'm missing? It's also possible I'm barking up the wrong tree on this theory.

What's the title of the palette that's appearing? If it really is the Conflict palette then the title will be the conflicting hot key, while the macro palette will be titled "Macros". Asking because they otherwise look very similar on my machine:

Can you post the other two macros? Sounds like one or the other is doing something that is still emulating user activity after the action has finished -- if that something doesn't match a keypress choice in your palette then the palette will be dismissed.

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Point 1 - you were right. It wasn't the Conflict palette. But it was in the style of the Conflict palette. (see below. Deliberately ugly scheme to stick out as something I don't want). I was expecting the Default Palette Style.

Point 2 - That's also super helpful. I think I may have overcomplicated my set-up and it might be that I've got too many things running at once. I'll investigate first.

Thanks for the help!

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Just to update my investigations:

Point 1 - I am still baffled as to why the Conflict Palette style is being triggered by the normal Show Palette action. There aren't any conflicts. I feel like I'm going mad.

Point 2 - I think there are some weird gremlins at work. When I'm testing it after making some changes, it acts all weird with the palette disappearing. But after about 10 minutes of not touching it, it works as planned.

When you use the "Show Palette" action, the Conflict Palette Style is used. When you use one of the options in the Macro Group settings the Default Palette Style is used.

That's from a very brief test, I don't use palettes much myself.

How are you testing? "Try", in the action's Option menu, behaves just as you describe. But if you run the macro containing the action the palette should remain until you press any key or another macro is triggered.

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I can confirm this is what happens. Not sure what the thinking behind this was though...

In fact the wiki page for it action:Show Palette of Macros [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] says “…display in the palette, which behaves similar to the Conflict Palette.”

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I found a thread in the forum which spoke to my soul - Conflict Palette gives negative vibes. I kept interpreting it as an "Error Palette" so why would it show in an action when I've done nothing wrong?? I've since recalibrated my interpretation of it and its purpose.

I was running it as normal. It was definitely a quirk. I didn't change anything and it's now working perfectly. The reason shall remain a mystery. But the good news is it's working as I want.

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Interpretations are often mistaken to one degree or the other.

It helps to read the documentation:

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