Conflict Palette: Feedback on the Way Macros Are Selected

The moment I discovered the conflict palette, I knew I found a new friend. I use this feature a lot and I am very happy how they spare me time and make my life easier.

The problem I have started noticing those last two weeks, as I went back at being more serious about using Keyboard Maestro, is the way macros are selected in a conflict palette.

Let say I have a conflict palette with two macros with the following names:

AB - Open 1-3 - pearltrees
AC - Open 1-4 - pearltrees

I was surprised seeing "A"s being selected first then "B","C" after hitting the "A" key and not the "3","4" highlighted as the conflict palette activated.

I was expecting the leftiest unique element of every macro title be to highlighted as I was seeing it to be the fastest way to select a macro.

In theory, even if I had a conflict palette with 25 macros, I only would have needed to press one keyboard key to launch one macro.

I do not think renaming macros would be of a great help for me. Adding a number at the beginning of a macro for example, would force me to use Shift key.

Choosing very macro names starting with different names would make choosing them in a conflict palette easier BUT would create a mess in the Keyboard Maestro editor.

I guess I would have to spend so much more time to find that very macro I want to edit in the "Macros" column. Using the search might be an solution but I would prefer not have to have to use it.

What do you think ?