Conflict Palette

I wish to prevent the appearance of a conflict palette. I have a number of macros that quit applications. (The macros obviously do more than just quit.) Each macro begins with an If/Then statement about the target application being frontmost. If not, then the macro ends with command-Q sent out and picked up by whichever application is frontmost. The various command-Q macros cannot interfere with each other or with other applications. Popping up a palette with a list of command-Q triggered macros is unnecessary. How do I suppress the conflict palette?

Hey Greg,

You can't suppress the conflict palette under these circumstances. (I.E. multiple Cmd-Q macros in the global macro context.)

You'll have to either narrow the scope of the various macros, or you'll have to have a single master macro at the global level that calls others based on context.


That makes sense. Thanks.

Greg T

If I understand your use case / workflow correctly, you need a separate macro for each app, and you want each of these macros to use the same hotkey, correct?

Then that is easily solved by putting the macro for each app in a separate Macro Group, where that Macro Group is limited to just that one app. Then there will be no conflict palette, because only one macro can be active at any given time.

Make sense?

For, example, I have a Macro Group for Chrome:


And one of my macros in that group is:


which in only active when Chrome is frontmost app.