Conflict Pallete

So. the conflict palette is a very useful thing. I have a bunch of macros all assigned the same key and the palette pops up allowing a choice when that key is invoked.
However if some of these macros are now put in their own folder and say are marked as only available when excel is active and at the front the system seems to break in that ONLY those macros are available, as specified, and the rest no longer appear on the conflict palette - ever.
I would be super useful if I could have multiple macros with the same hotkey trigger put in different folders and hence allowing the specification of conditions in order for them to be active. Then, what would happen is the conflict palette would still appear but it would show only those macros who's activation criteria were satisfied. So if I have 20 macros but 5 are in an 'excel' folder and specified to only be active when excel is active and at the front then these 5 would not show (leaving 15 in the palette) if excel is not running. Basically it makes the conflict palette context sensitive or situation aware - if you will.. If I can already do this I'd be grateful if someone could explain how.

The conflict palette shows all the macros that are active with that hot key. The macros can be in different Macro Groups. Whatever Macro Groups are active will have their macros included in the conflict palette (assuming they have the specified hot key).

So I think there is some confusion going on. Investigate which of your macro groups are active.

Strange, I couldn’t get it to work as you describe and then I created new folders and reapplied criteria and moved the macros and deleted the old folders and now it does work.