Confused by Simple File Rename

I've read through the wiki and searched the forum, but still am confused by the complexity of trying to add .txt to a selected file. All I want to do is select a file in finder, hit a hotkey, which renames the file by simply adding .txt to end. For example, click on config.cfg, hit hotkey, changes it to config.cfg.txt .

When I try to use move or rename in KM, I'm confused by what to put in the path since it should come from the selection. I get that I need to use a variable to store filename but that's where I fall off. Do I still need to use a for loop "for each item in selection" for 1 file as other examples tend to use? Any helpful hints? Thx!

Try this:

.cfg to .txt.kmmacros (21 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Thanks @noisneil ! I customized your template to look like this and it does what the initial requirement was. Thank you again! Next on my todo is if I hit the hotkey again it'll remove the .txt.

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