Congratulations Peter

Congratulations and thank you Peter for version 9 and its many enhancements


Here, here, I concur! Raise a beer to the Aussie down-under.


Peter, fantastic work! Congrats all around.



I am really looking forward/do not have the time for this!

First-world problems are the best!

Here's a fun fact: I would buy this update sight-unseen, just based on past performance. But I need to dig into the new features...

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The Mac is already the best computer by far and Keyboard Maestro takes it to an even higher level. Thank you Peter for continuing to develop your fantastic app.

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@peternlewis's an Aussie ?

Yes, very Australian. I'd say “born and bred”, but actually I was born in Jamaica, and grew up in Canada before moving to Australia many decades ago.

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What accent do you have ?

I don't have an accent, you have an accent!

Seriously tho, Australians can usually pick up my Canadian accent (and on bad days, call it an American accent), but everyone else would primarily hear an Australian accent.


Thanks and Congrats, Peter! Keyboard Maestro is one of the few apps that I buy an upgrade sight unseen, and without even reading the tin. KM is truly a life-improving product, and you are improving lives around the world.


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Thanks @peternlewis and keep up the very good work!

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@peternlewis Didn’t wait a day to upgrade.

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He's an international man of mystery!

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Thanks a LOT Peter, very nice enhancements. I upgraded without any hesitation, you owe it big time.

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