Constant Beeping When Keyboard Maestro App is in Front

This is driving me nuts, nut when Keyboard Maestro app is in front (e.g., when I am editing or creating a new macro), I hear beeping every so often, but at least every 10-20 seconds or so. The beep is the alerg sound, as if I'm doing something wrong.


Any thoughts about how to troubleshoot would be APPRECIATED.

It sounds like perhaps Keyboard Maestro is trying to run some command which is causing the error.

One way to see what that might be is to sort the macros by “Date Used” as seen here:

Then select "All Macros" in the left column of Keyboard Maestro's Editor window and see what pops to the top of the "Macros" column when the beep happens.

Can't guarantee that is how you'll find it, but that is where I would start.