Constructing a macro that launches a `sticky` palette (changing key binds) until ESC is pressed?

Hi all

im wondering how I should go about constructing this and would love to get input thought this maybe obvious and I apologize in advance if it is :slight_smile:

im trying to get a macro where one would launch a palette (via key bind) and once that’s activated keys like up/down , 0, 5 would have new macro attached to them. The new thing im unclear of is how to keep that sticky that is to make the new binds constant until ESC is pressed

anyone done anything similar?



I do this by creating a macro group set to "Shows/hides a palette when:" and checking "The hot key ______ is pressed"

I manually set the hotkeys for the macros within that group to single letters or numbers, which show up on the palette itself so there's nothing to memorize. The palette remains shown until I dismiss it using the same hotkey set above to show/hide the palette. Note that escape will not dismiss the palette here, but I think it's close to what you asked for.

thx @evanfuchs!

yeah that works well for my needs

thx so much!